Real Good Bow Ties – Review Edition

While I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a picture of a beautifully designed wooden bow tie that left me speechless. I had never seen a bow tie so well crafted, nor had I ever seen one made of wood. After speaking with the company, Real Good, about their products, I was generously given a gift of two of their bow ties. Real Good’s bow ties are by far the most unique items I have worked with. Let me give you a little background about the company before I dive in and talk about the two bow ties.

IMG_1568Real Good was created in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in 2010, and is continuing its development in Tivat, Montenegro, a southeastern country in Europe. Real Good Bow Ties is one of the leading retailers of the company and is growing rapidly. Real Good is known for its perfectionism in detail and its practice of protecting the environment. They are always ready to collaborate with creative people and develop their ideas.

IMG_1581 Real Good sent me two bow ties, which have been a pleasure to wear around. These eye-catching bow ties are hand made, adding to their quality and originality. As seen above, the designs are intelligently crafted.


The first bow tie that I received is one of their wooden bow ties. This bow tie is a pre-tied bow tie with an elastic neck strap. The neck strap was very easy to adjust and took me less than a minute to put on. The materials include leather, which creates the “knot” surrounding the middle part of the bow tie, and linden, which is a very lightweight wood. The bow tie is extremely light but does not feel cheap at all. The bow tie is designed as a diamond tip bow, which has grown in popularity yet is still a very rare look. The edges of the bow tie are pointed to create an asymmetric diamond shape. What I like most about this bow tie is that not many companies have saturated the wooden bow tie market, so this bow tie is very distinguishable. The wood adds personality to the outfit and can be worn for almost any occasion. This bow tie is priced at $35 dollars. Below are more pictures of the bow tie:





The second bow tie is another pre-tied bow tie. This bow tie has a very playful design of a written recipe and is great for food enthusiasts! The material is cotton throughout the bow tie. Like the previous bow tie, this one has a diamond tip design and is very lightweight. It has a unique mix of colors to include brown, beige, and a little bit of red. This bow tie is more for casual occasions but still adds a formal touch to the outfit. Below are more pictures:




In conclusion, I had a blast styling these wonderful items. I have never seen designs like those that Real Good created. I truly recommend taking a look at their affordable products. They have more designs than shown above. It was great working with them.  Below is their information:



Like and comment below with what you think about their products!

Stay Tuned for FisicoFriday #4! I will be showing the outfit that I put together with the wooden bow tie!! Below is a sneak peek!



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Thank you for reading! For any questions or business inquiries, please email me at

Special thanks to Angelina of Real Good for working with me. 

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