FisicoFriday #4 – Sweater with Formal Wear – What Works (featuring Real Good Bow Ties)


This week’s outfit features Real Good Bow Tie’s Wooden Bow Tie. I chose to wear a v-neck sweater to cut down on the amount of white from my shirt. I, personally, am a big fan of wearing sweaters with suits as an “accessory” to add more color into the outfit. However, the type of sweater, crew vs. v-neck/pullover, depends on if I am wearing a bow tie or just a regular tie. Let me explain further:

What sweater do I wear with a tie?

With a regular tie, I prefer to wear the v-neck sweater, like the one in my outfit today, so that I can show a little bit of my tie. I do not think it is necessary to wear a tie underneath a crew sweater unless I am taking off the sweater, because the tie will barely be seen. The tie should add to the outfit’s style and covering all of the tie defeats that purpose. Of course, this is all personal preference, and everyone’s sense of style and eye are different.

What sweater do I wear with a bow tie?

The bow tie is more flexible than a regular tie and both the the v-neck and the crew sweaters work, it just depends on if you want to show more of your shirt or not! For instance, in my outfit, I wanted to show more of my white shirt to go with the white pocket square.

With spring and summer on the way, it is not too late to wear a sweater with or without a blazer. However, it is important to note that during warmer seasons, it is best to find one made of linen material. Linen is best for the warmer months because the material is breathable. Linen sweaters can be found at Banana Republic, Uniqlo, and Club Monaco to name a few. You can have fun with the colors of the sweaters as long as it matches with the rest of your outfit! If you have a hard time with matching outfits, a good idea would be to wear neutral color sweaters. Look at my previous blog post here for more information about neutral colors and matching.

I hope you enjoyed a little #FisicoFriday lesson on sweaters! Make sure to check out my review of the wooden bow tie by the company Real Good here. Below are more pictures of my outfit:








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 – Photography by Rachel Nicole O’Boyle –

Stay Tuned for FisicoFriday #5!


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