MensPackage – Review Edition

A big wave of companies have flooded the personal styling market, allowing men and women to have others shop for them. These services are true pioneers, and online e-commerce and retail are growing substantially as a result. Many people have become too busy to spend time shopping or do not know how to shop, and have capitalized on these services that provide clothing and accessories tailored to their needs. Of the many services I was able to experience, one that stood out was MensPackage, a company focusing on the hidden treasure of the wardrobe – the underwear. MensPackage provides more than underwear, however; they provide socks, bags, accessories, essential grooming products, and more, provided by quality and luxury brands.

– Sign-Up Process –

When I signed up, I had to answer a couple of questions about my preferences and how many products I wanted. First, I chose if the package was for me or a gift. Next, I selected which type of underwear style I preferred – all styles, briefs, trunks, or jocks – as well as the size and how many pairs I would like sent to me per month (I chose one pair of trunks). Then, I selected which type of sock style – all styles, plain, fashion (bold type), or invisible (no-show socks) – and size and number of pairs (I chose two pairs of fashion socks). Lastly, I was asked what style of grooming products I wanted – all styles, face, body, shaving, or beard – and how many per month (I chose one product for my body). After all my preferences were selected, the shipping and billing addresses were placed, and the payment method was decided, I was done. Quick and easy! MensPackage ships their orders on the 15th of each month, and they generally arrive only a couple days after.

– How much does it cost? – 

Each pair of underwear is £20 per month (about $21), £15 per sock pair (about $16), and £20 per grooming product. Each comes with the stylist expertise tailored to your preference. Shipping in the U.K. is free and shipping internationally, including to the U.S. is £5.95 (a little over $6). They allow you to update your preferences – if you want more or less – each month and the cancellation process is very simple.

– What was in my package? – Unboxing my MensPackage – 

IMG_1817Just as I asked for, I received one pair of trunk underwear, two pairs of socks, and one grooming pack for my body. The products came in a discreet black box, covered in black tissue paper. This is perfect for those who are shy about buying men’s clothing and grooming products. The package was small and well-packed, which made it easy to carry around.

– Underwear – 

IMG_1831 IMG_1832

 The underwear that I received was a very stylish designed pair by the company Drake and Hutch. Drake and Hutch is another U.K.-based company that produces high-quality trunks. This paisley-designed underwear was hand-crafted, making it truly detailed and custom fitting, unlike most underwear. The material is 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, so the fabric feels very form-fitting and has just enough elastane to make the feel different from any type of underwear I’ve tried. The packaging was very unique and professional, coming in a brown box with a preview of the design and their hat logo. The hat is in relation to the fact that these are “Gentlemen’s Underwear.” The company’s underwear are around £20 each.

– Socks – 

IMG_1827 IMG_1828

 With the MensPackage came two pairs of socks by Foxhall London. Having chosen the “fashion” option for the socks, I was excited to see what type of bold socks they would choose for me; I was not disappointed. The socks have a very “Ivy League” design, playing with the navy and maroon colors. Because of the navy (neutral) color included in the socks, they are very easy to match with other pieces in the outfit (more about neutral colors here), but are still very bold and eye-catching. Along with the socks came a 20% off voucher, which was useful for not only socks, but also for the vast array of men’s articles. Foxhall London sells (such as shoes and outerwear). Below are some pictures of one of the sock pairs used during one of my photoshoots:



(More of this photoshoot can be found here -> Sartorial Elegance. The photos taken for this shoot were by @dmactherealist)

– Grooming Products – 




 I received a sports package from Scaramouche and Fandango (S&F), a men’s grooming product company based in the U.K. The sports package included a small gym wash bag, a sports wash, and a cologne or an “Eau de Toilette”. The gym bag is perfect to carry a good amount of toiletries and isn’t so bulky that it is impossible to carry around. I currently use it to carry all my toiletries when I am traveling. The bag is very durable and lightweight. The sports wash is an all-body wash that can be used for hair, face, and body, and even works as a shaving cream. After using the sports wash a couple of times, my skin never felt dry, which is remarkable because most all-in-one washes normally dry my skin up. The Eau de Toilette has a very rich smell that is comparable to the Burberry Sport Cologne that I normally use. With just one spray, the cologne gave off a very strong and bold smell that lasted pretty much the whole day. For me though, the smell was a little bit too strong, as I personally like my cologne to be discrete but recognizable.

IMG_1818Overall, I had a very enjoyable experience with the MensPackage. It was nice to experience brands based in the U.K. and I would definitely recommend trying out the MensPackage, even just for a month, to experience what it is like to have a personal stylist send you quality clothing and accessories. Receiving the package was exhilarating because everything in it was a surprise (it felt like Christmas all over again). What I like most about MensPackage is that you have total control over how much they will give you so that you never feel like you paid more than you really had to.

A couple of things that I think would be useful is if MensPackage could have the option to add color preferences and what available brands are preferred by the customer. This would provide customers products that are more tailored to their needs. Regardless, I was very satisfied with the package I received, and you can add this to the list of great reviews MensPackage has received.

You can find our more information and sign up in the links below:

– MensPackage –





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Buy the Items Separately:

Underwear – Blue Paisley Trunk – Drake and Hutch

Sock #1 – KIT Charcoal Mustard X – Foxhall London

Sock #2 – KIT Charcoal Oxblood – Foxhall London

Grooming Product – Mens Sports Pack – Scaramouche and Fandango

Special thanks to James of MensPackage for working with me.

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