#FisicoFriday – How to Make a Professional Outfit with Shorts

When wearing shorts with formal wear, there are a couple of things I consider when putting together the outfit:

  1. Shorts above the knee – I am not a big fan of shorts that fall below the knee. When they do this, they tend to make your legs look shorter and the shorts appear to be ill-fitting. With this pair of shorts from H&M, I actually rolled them up once to get them to look shorter and fit better.
  2. Roll up your sleeves – This makes the outfit more symmetric. Since your legs are showing, part of your arms should too.
  3. Accessorize – The shorts make for a playful look, so adding accessories, especially those that are colorful, benefit this theme. I chose a neutral navy tie from Uniqlo so that the lapel flower and the pocket round pop out. The pocket round from Harrison Blake Apparel has a baby blue lining, which matched perfectly with the shorts, and I went with a pink lapel flower from to add little color as a small statement piece.
  4. Wear a watch – Why dress up without a nice, simplistic watch? This watch is from MVMT. I made sure to match the gold in the metals of the tie bar and the watch.
  5. No socks – Unless they are no-show socks! I think adding long socks makes the outfit look less professional.
  6. Stick to a few colors – Too many colors can look very tacky. With this outfit, I stuck with blue, gold, and pink, with very neutral shoes.

Below are more pictures of the outfit.  If you like what you see, give this professional look a try, and let me know how it goes in the comments:













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– Details – 

Blazer – H&M

Shirt– Extra Slim Dress Shirt – Express

Shorts – Chino Shorts – H&M

Watch – White/Gold Leather – MVMT

Tie – Knit Tie – Uniqlo

Tie Bar – Gold Arrow Tie Bar – Harrison Blake Apparel

Pocket Round – White with Blue Border – Harrison Blake Apparel

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

Lapel Flower – Pink Felt Flower Lapel Pin –

Socks – Mens Basic – Taft

Shoes – Ben Sherman

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 – Photography by Rachel Nicole O’Boyle –


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