Capital Menswear Pop-Up – Washington D.C.

The fashion scene in Washington D.C. is rapidly growing with Indie Fashion Week taking over the city in the coming week and the thriving local businesses making noise in the fashion world. Last Thursday, I was able to get a closer look at some of the biggest local menswear brands, thanks to the Capital Menswear Pop-Up hosted by my great friends and former bloggers Barnette and Diego. The event was located at the luxurious Renaissance Washington, D.C. Dupont Circle Hotel. Brands that were in attendance were Hugh & Crye, Blank Label, Wolf vs Goat, House of Dash, Chris Cardi House of Design and Kelly Towles. Each brand has their own unique touch to their products and they reach different audiences, which made this event worth going to. For example, Wolf vs Goat‘s products are skillfully crafted in Italy, Hugh & Crye developed a remarkable sizing system for their products that is designed to fit as well as, if not better than, custom-made clothing, and Chris Cardi House of Design‘s style is a fusion of streetwear and American sportswear, with an emphasis on a tailored fit. I look forward to working with and writing more about these brands as they grow to become the biggest names in fashion.

Below are some pictures of some the brands present:

Wolf vs Goat




Blank Label




Hugh & Crye




Chris Cardi


Brands not pictured: House of Dash and Kelly Towles.

Lastly, here is a picture with the hosts of the evening – Diego and Barnette respectively:


– What I Wore –
Suit – Thrifted from Thrift Store – Cure Thrift Shop
Shirt – Extra Slim Striped Dress Shirt – Express
Tie – Repp Knit Tie Navy and Green – Arnold Steiner
Pocket Square – Sherlock – Arnold Steiner
Tie Bar –
Glasses – Burke Tennessee Whiskey – Warby Parker
Shoes – Gap

Arnold Steiner
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